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Flexibility is an essential ingredient to how we approach integration. It’s your project and it should match your needs and your budget. We can easily scale the installation to accommodate your budget.


I have an amazing team based out of Orlando that can build and install just about anything. You need it done, we can do it. However, that’s not always the most economical solution especially when travel expenses are involved. If you have qualified volunteers in your church (carpenters, electricians, etc), we can always work them into the plan to save dollars.


Our goal is to partner with you. That’s what separates us from your average design/integration company. Most of them want to come in, do their thing, and leave. We want a partnership. A relationship. Our goal is not our bottom line, our goal is the success of the church.


We do not have an integration package. We custom fit an integration plan to meet your needs. Call today to discuss how we can tailor fit an integration plan for your church.

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