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Design can’t be copied and pasted. Every design should be uniquely fitted for each church considering both form and function. Technology and its integration into the worship experience has increased exponentially. It has opened a tremendous amount of potential functionality, but has also created complex problems:


What equipment (tools) do we need to accomplish our specific vision?


What is unique to the culture of our church, the skill sets of our staff/volunteers, and what technology best matches us?


How can we best incorporate our existing equipment with new equipment?


Most importantly, what will it cost??


These are tough questions. Unfortunately, most churches do not try to answer them. They buy what the church down the street has thinking, “it worked for them…” Some churches throw together a random collage of equipment hoping that it will all “work out” and “work together.”


This is where DESIGN comes in. The design component is essential to any integration of new equipment. Design will save you money by making sure you buy the right gear the first time. It will save you headache by making sure the most user-friendly gear is selected based on the skill sets of your workers. Design guarantees that you’ll be satisfied with the final product. CAD drawings, 3D renderings, and product lists will be in your hands before a single purchase is made. You will know what you’re getting before you buy it. More importantly, you’ll know what the final product will be.


Pricing for design is based on the size/scale of the project. Contact me today to discuss how we can customize a design to fit your specific vision and goals.

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